Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation

The Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation (TCMF), a 501c3 non profit organization was established by the family of Tomas (Tommy) Corral III, a 19-year-old who lost his battle with depression to suicide. Since the Foundation was established, TCMF has been working in the community to increase education on the factors that lead to suicide, actively developing resources, and providing financial support to help those struggling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Our mission is to enhance mental health of individuals, their families, and their community through awareness, prevention, support, and education.  

Restore & Resilience Retreat

Please join us for a three-day woman’s retreat created to empower survivors of trauma and grief, by strengthening resilience through enabling self-awareness, mindfulness, and the development of positive relationships. 

We envision a healthy society in which people are provided the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and share that potential with others in our community. The retreat will provide a variety of trauma informed programs led by an array of community leaders and advocates.




What We Do?

The Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation provides:

  • Referrals for mental health services.
  • Financial support for counseling.
  • Mental Health First Aid training for adults, youth, and public safety.
  • Support groups for mental health and grief
  • Educational training, workshops, and retreats focused on resiliency and mental health.
  • Advocacy for state and local change.
  • Mental health and suicide prevention awareness.

Ride to Fight Suicide

The Tommy Corral Memorial Ride to Fight Suicide is held annually with a beautiful countryside ride each year to honor Tommy’s life and those who are fighting every day while providing awareness and reducing stigma. The starts at Kegel’s Harley Davidson and ends with live music, food, and raffles. All types of rides including motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, classics, and cars are welcomed to join.

What leads to suicide?

There’s no single cause for suicide. Suicide most often occurs when stressors and health issues converge to create an experience of hopelessness and despair.

Suicide Warning Signs

Something to look out for when concerned that a person may be suicidal is a change in behavior or the presence of entirely new behaviors.

Hours of Therapy Sessions

Trained in Mental Health First Aid

# Impacted by Education Program & Workshops

Bev Pomering

Xavier Whitford’s presentation on resiliency gave me a deeper understanding of not only what resilience is but I also began to believe that I have it. Until I listened to Xavier share her wisdom, I never really stopped to think about how I had not only endured repeated traumas in my life but how I have grown through them.

One of the steps to resiliency she speaks of is building a community. Xavier recommends developing a supportive network that includes people who will support you, resources to learn from, and activities to build upon. I am grateful to have Xavier and the Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation in my community.

Bev Pomering
Executive Director of the Live R.E.A.L. Foundation

Jennifer K. Cacciapaglia

I completed the Mental Health First Aid training last year through the City of Rockford, and I highly recommend others enroll in this course. Whether you work directly with a population experiencing mental health challenges or not, you will walk away from this training with practical, day to day skills which give you a new perspective on how to interact not only with someone in a mental health crisis but also how to better interact with and treat people, in general.  The instructors challenged my implicit bias surrounding mental health issues and very specifically taught me that we all have something to learn. The MHFA training was one of the most impactful training I have taken part in during my career, and everyone would benefit from the course.

Lindsey McClanathan, LCSW

“The Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation, under the leadership of Xavier Whitford, is doing amazing work in our community. They advocate for mental health resources, assist individuals in getting connected to services, support the needs of individuals and their families, and educate the community on the importance of mental health awareness. They are actively doing work to reduce the stigma of reaching out for help. They provide financial support for individuals who are in need of services but can’t afford it on their own. Riverside Counseling Center is proud to partner with them in supporting the needs of our community!”

Lindsey McClanathan, LCSW
Riverside Counseling Center

I can’t thank TCMF enough for helping my husband in his time of need. Life is hard enough and then the company he worked for closed up due to COVID. As time went on,  with the combination of health issues, mounting stress, and uncertainty of his circumstances,  he felt he was losing his grip and the will to continue on. His feelings of hopelessness were taking over and without insurance at that point, we didn’t know where to turn for help. A dear friend referred me to Xavier of TCMF. Speaking to Xavier, I felt her strength, empathy, and compassion immediately. She did everything she could to assist us with funding and a referral so my husband could see a counselor before things got any worse. Having someone he could talk to when he needed it most desperately helped him immensely. My husband is now back to work and continuing to move forward in his mental health. We are truly grateful to TCMF for the assistance the foundation provided which was able to fill the gap until we could figure out a plan to help ourselves. Thank you Xavier and TCMF! – Tracey

Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation
The Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation was established by the family of Tomas (Tommy) Corral III, a 19 year old who lost his battle with depression to suicide. Since the Foundation was established they have been working in the community to increase education on the factors that lead to suicide and create resources to help those struggling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

Along with providing funds and opportunities for many community members to get certified in Mental Health First Aid in order to become prepared and equipped to handle a mental health crisis, the Foundation provides financial support for individuals needing counseling with no insurance.

The only feelings and awareness is to what is happening now.

Remember when someone is suicidal, sometimes they can only think about the right now. Next week and even tomorrow is too far into the future for them to think about.